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in total work wear solutions

for more than three decades.


First Garment Rental specialises in the rental and laundering of work wear. We pride ourselves on excellent service delivery and affordable solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. Let us dress your employees for their job functions, so that they look presentable and their attire meets health and safety standards.


First Garment Rental?


From design and manufacture to laundering, repair and even replacement, your business will never have to worry about clean work wear again. Our garments range from top-quality overalls to highly specialised items in a wide range of styles and colours. We can even customise garments to include name badges, company logos (embroidery and heat seal), badges and reflector tape, plus we offer personal assessments and tailor-made uniforms to suit each individual.


With First Garment Rental, your work wear needs are our priority. Garments are collected weekly for laundering in our advanced laundry facilities. Each garment receives a final quality check and any necessary replacements or mending is done at no extra charge. Clean garments are returned to your door and a new load of soiled work wear is collected for the laundry. A client liaison is assigned to every customer to respond to their needs quickly and efficiently.


Our specialised garments assist customers in achieving HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliancy. Conformance to HACCP requirements ensures the elimination of bacterial infection and the possibility of any re-contamination. Our wash process follows the SANS 10146 guidelines, at temperatures of 80°C (to ensure thermal disinfection) and then steam dried at temperatures up to 175°C (all known pathogens are destroyed at 121°C). Only approved detergents and chemicals are used in the laundering process to ensure optimum hygiene standards. In fact, we have formulated our own chemicals, which exceed the standards of the SABS and are able to introduce additives to our formulas to cater for specific customer requirements. We also perform regular swab tests and offer clean room facilities where needed.


Back-up generators, compressors, boilers and water storage facilities help eliminate downtime in the event of unscheduled disruptions and breakdowns.


At First Garment Rental, we don’t just supply and launder workwear and leave it at that. We’re part of a bigger picture that ensures people are compliant when performing their jobs; keeping them comfortable and safe while they’re doing them. We pride ourselves on excellent service delivery and affordable, flexible solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. Why lose money on inferior garments and systems when you can rather focus on your core business and leave your workwear care to us? We look after our customers and the garments we give them.

Conti Suites

Industrial or HACCP compliant, with or without reflector tape (option of antic-static variants too); designed specifically for industrial environments; conti suits are made up of a jacket and trousers

Pyjama Suits

These two-piece suits feature concealed press studs to the neck, half-elasticated cuffs on the sleeves and ankles, no front pockets and a single back pocket

Boiler Suits

Industrial or HACCP compliant, as well as anti-static variants with or without hoods; boiler suits provide full outerwear protection

House Coats

Industrial or HACCP compliant

Chefs Jackets

Executive or plain, either with a chef hat or skull cap and apron

Dust Coats

Industrial or HACCP compliant; dust coats are essentially overcoats for use in environments where normal clothes need protection

Freezer Suits & Vests

Single lined (-8°C), double lined (-20°C) or polo fleece (with or without filler)

Military Shirts

These feature two top pockets with flaps, press studs on sleeve cuffs and press studs to close


The industries we service include:








General manufacturing


  • Rental is a trouble-free and cost-effective solution. It provides customers with budgetary control through fixed-term contracts with pre-set monthly costs.
  • There’s no need to hold excess stocks of work wear and there are no issues related to maintenance with quick replacements and repairs at no extra cost.
  • Tailor-made work wear lasts up to three times longer than ordinary garments. Furthermore, tailored work wear helps enhance an organisation’s image and improves staff morale.
  • There is guaranteed compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Acts, as well as HACCP requirements.
  • The costs of garment rental are fully tax deductible.
  • Customers receive personalised service and attention along with the high-quality garments they rent.


First Garment Rental has achieved Integrated Management Systems (IMS) compliance status (Certified) IMS comprises of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 quality standards. What this means is that we have the credentials and clout to deliver on our promises. We also have a national footprint, with branches operating countrywide. As a proud member of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we share the Bidvest Group’s commitment to BBBEE and recruit and retain the very best people in our industry. We believe in developing the skills of our people and take our social responsibility seriously by being involved in a number of initiatives.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a system that transmits the unique serial number of an object or a person via radio waves. RFID uses special tags that get sewn into each garment and consequently, these tags transmit the unique serial number of each garment to tag readers. This system allows us to automate a number of key processes, including collecting, sorting and tracking garments. It’s very accurate, ensuring that garments are never misplaced or assigned to the wrong person. It’s also very efficient and helps cut down on the time and labour needed to process a customer’s laundry.


First Garment Rental actively works on reducing our impact to the environment through an ongoing resource sustainability plan. We do this through the continuous monitoring and active improvement of water and power consumption, fuel regulation, chemical efficiencies and productivity.


Tel: +27 11 398 5300 (Head Office)

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