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The benefits of garment rental


Our garments range from top-quality overalls to highly specialised items for sectors where Occupational Health and Safety and HACCP compliance is a must.

First Garment Rental has been leading the field of total workwear solutions for more than three decades. A division of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we don’t just supply and launder workwear and leave it at that. We’re part of a bigger picture that ensures people are compliant when performing their jobs; keeping them both compliant, comfortable and safe while they’re doing them. We pride ourselves on excellent service delivery and affordable, flexible solutions that cater to a wide range of industries.

How it all works…

We supply workwear at a fixed monthly rental fee that includes weekly pick-up and delivery for laundering in our advanced laundry facilities, with swab testing, replacing and/or mending of items, as well as offering the option of RFID tagging and scanning to help keep track of garments, all part and parcel of the service. Clean garments are then returned to customers, a new load of soiled workwear is collected for the laundry and so it continues.

When we first engage with a potential client, we begin by determining the type of work they do to help establish the types of garments and fabrics they would need for their specific environment. We then determine how many ‘changes’ their employees would need to do in a week. For example, people working in the food industry need to change daily to meet HACCP regulations, so we would supply such a client with 11 sets of garments, per person, to cover a five-day week – that’s five items in the laundry, plus five to wear during the week, plus the one the employee has on to avoid any interruption in production. All garments are clearly marked with names and departments etc, so the same items are returned to the same person after laundering.

Our garment rental contracts are extremely flexible, with most agreements averaging three years, although some can extend for longer periods while others can be purely seasonal, depending on the industry. For instance, we supply garments to citrus farms, fisheries and winemakers whose staff complement varies greatly depending on the time of year.

For us it’s about determining a customer’s unique garment requirements and then working out the best solution to suit them – whether they employ chemists or miners, automotive spray-painters or golf caddies.

Quality guaranteed

Our garments range from top-quality overalls to highly specialised items for sectors where Occupational Health and Safety and HACCP compliance is a must. Our extended textile range includes poly-cotton and cotton with a custom finish to ensure a superior quality that makes our premier workwear crease-resistant, moth-proof and anti-static. We also have highly specialised protective fabrics that are insect-repellent, flame-retardant, lint-free, molten-metal- and acid-resistant.

We have our own garment supplier that makes our garments for us, so we can assure our customers of the best quality and best fit. Most are available in a wide range of styles and colours and can be customised to include company logos, badges and reflector tape etc. We offer personal assessments and tailor-made uniforms to suit each individual. From an innovation point of view, we’re also always looking at new fabrics, styles and ways to best assist our clients with practical solutions.

With our garments there’s no need for customers to hold surplus stocks, as there are no issues related to maintenance, replacements and/or repairs. We also make use of special tagging technologies (such as RFID) which allows us to automate a number of key processes, including collecting, sorting and tracking of garments, to help account for items. Every First Garment Rental customer is assigned a dedicated client liaison officer to help ensure a seamless, end-to-end process.

The smart solution

Supplying and doing the washing and ironing of workwear may sound simple, but our industry is about the ‘science’ of laundering – and it’s a science that requires expertise and experience, as well as an infrastructure that has the all-important checks and balances in place.

Why lose money on inferior garments and systems when you can rather focus on your core business and leave your workwear care to us? At First Garment Rental, we are not a drop-and-go service. We look after our customers and the garments we give them.

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