Our processes are bespoke

and uniquely suited to a customer’s particular needs.


Montana Laundries provides hygienic laundry solutions and equipment specifically for the Healthcare, Hospitality, Mining and Industrial sectors. We offer on-premise laundry solutions, as well as the supply and maintenance of industrial laundry equipment.




We offer a real-time, full turnkey solution, tailormade for every customer. All laundry processes are handled on site, complete with in-house installation, commissioning and maintenance team, ongoing site training, regular site inspection consults and visits, as well as strict control measures.


At Montana we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers, so they can be assured of long-term convenience and cost-effective services. Our customers supply the space, water, electricity and drainage for us on their premises and we supply the world-class equipment and laundry processes, as well as a fully trained staff complement and maintenance team to keep it running smoothly.


There is no transportation of laundry. Our imported equipment is supplied at cost and we have national chemical supply agreements at competitive rates. Based on our years of experience, we are able to offer practical methodologies which ensure the cost reduction of utilities at existing on-site laundries. We understand that your linen is a valued possession and our processes ensure a prolonged lifespan of this asset. We believe in trading in a fair space, using a fair process, all worked out in terms of affordability. This results in our customers receiving the best value for money.


Every customer site has a dedicated operations manager as a first point of contact should there be a service interruption for any reason. Our teams rotate day and night to ensure fast turnaround times and a smooth laundry process. In case of on-site water and electricity disruptions, we make use of the nearest contingency, ensuring minimal downtime for our customers. Our aim is always to guide, inform and advise our customers by putting the right people in place to best service their business.


Our wash process adheres to the strictest laundry specifications and removes everything from a hygiene perspective. This is particularly relevant to the healthcare sector where infection control is a big consideration. Furthermore, our quick turnaround times mean that our customers can carry less inventory and our ‘dirty for clean’ system (where the number of dirty items collected equals the number of clean items returned) helps ensure proper stock control. We are also able to offer on-site mending where needed and can assist in linen recovery by either converting condemned linen into something else of use or help facilitate the donation of discarded items to worthy causes so that nothing goes to waste.


Montana Laundries has a national reach, with the capability to set up on-premise laundry installations throughout South Africa.



We have a tried-and-trusted reputation in this area, so the majority of our customers falling within this sector. If it gets used in a hospital environment, we launder it – from doctors’ scrubs, theatre linen and gowns, to ward linen, privacy screens, curtains, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, towels and more.


Our on-site hotel laundries process everything from banqueting linen, chef’s jackets, serviettes and tray covers to spa gowns, pool towels, bed linen and staff uniforms. We are also able to offer on-site guest laundry and dry-cleaning services.


Montana offers total change-house solutions to these particular sectors. Employee overalls are laundered on site and garment rental is made possible through First Garment Rental.


As a proud member of the Bidvest Laundry Group, we have the credentials and clout to deliver on our promises. Montana shares the Bidvest Group’s commitment to BBBEE when it comes to our staffing solutions. We are SANS 10146 compliant and are governed by the comprehensive Standards and Procedures manual covering all aspects of laundry service. Montana adheres to stringent standards and procedures, infection control protocols, machine operator training and quality and stock control to ensure an efficient and effective service of the highest standard.


We pride ourselves in constantly seeking out the most eco-friendly and cost-saving laundry processes for our customers. We promote sustainability wherever possible – from cutting down on water usage with solutions such as water re-use systems and curbing electricity consumption through the use of solar energy, heat pumps and oil-heated ironing technology, to sourcing green chemicals that contain less harmful solvents.


Tel: +27 11 398 5300 (Head Office)

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