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Fabric Name: GUARDEX
Fabric Quality Number:R90019
Fabric Construction:90 x 44 / 12s x 9s
Fabric Composition:100% cotton
Fabric Weight:300 gsm
Fabric Finish:Flame retardant

Guardex is produced by a THP – ammonia, cure method forming an insoluble flame resistant polymer inside the fibre core

Fabric Benefits:Compliant to NFPA2112 standard on fl ame resistant garments
 ARC Rating ATPV, 10.6 cal/square cm
 Flame resistance lasts for the life of the fabric
 Tumble or tunnel dry
 Wrinkle free
 Fabric stability
 Superior colour fastness
Recommended Wash Temperature and Cycle:Wash to NFPA 2112 specification
Fabric Life Expectancy:Guaranteed to 100IL washes at recommended wash specification

Available colours: