Sustainability Matters at Bidvest Laundry Group

When it comes to fabrics, we invest in only the best on the market, so that they will sustain their contract periods. We also undertake test washes on fabrics where needed – for instance, acid-resistant garments – to ensure that their coatings are safe and effective for the industries that require this type of workwear and protection for their employees.

Acid-Resistant Garments

At The Bidvest Laundry Group, we have in-house chemical technicians whose job it is to ensure that we continually offer our customers the best in protective workwear. These teams regularly put our acid-resistant garments to the test to assess, amongst other things, how many washes the protective coating on the fabric can withstand before breaking down.

Why you need RFID

Businesses often spend a lot of money replacing garments due to staff rotation and temp-staff turnover, for instance, when the original garments may still be hanging somewhere in the building and merely require a reallocation to someone else.

The benefits of garment rental

Our garments range from top-quality overalls to highly specialised items for sectors where Occupational Health and Safety and HACCP compliance is a must.

The On-Premise Laundry

An OPL is not an everyday, quick sell. It involves significant capital investment from the supplier’s perspective in terms of equipment and labour, hence the need for the customer to commit to a fixed-fee contract (usually 3 years or more).