Following the latest developments in global high-visibility workwear trends, Bidvest Laundry Group has entered into a hi-vis market that could mean considerable cost savings for businesses requiring high-visibility garments, with a new ‘all-in-one’ offering, where the hi-vis colour/adaptation becomes part of the garment itself.


Available in the industry-standard lime green, the hi-vis sections of our new all-in-one options can be customised to suit individual client needs, added to the garment on the arms, legs and/or torso areas, with the remainder of the garment made in any accompanying colour that falls within the polycotton range offered by the Bidvest Laundry Group – from dust coats to freezer suits, standard to HACCP-compliant.

Currently, hi-vis protective clothing is achieved through the addition of the customary silver-grey reflective strip to existing garments and/or through the acquisition of separates such as reflective vests, which adds to the overall cost of equipping wearers to be more visible to those around them.

But add-ons such as vests can easily be left at home and reflective tape is partial to wear and tear, becoming threadbare, loose and ‘dulled’ in its reflectiveness over time, requiring costly mending or replacement as each piece that gets sewn onto a garment is an added extra every time.

Our all-in-one, high-visibility range all but eliminates the need for reflector tape and separates, depending on industry and compliance protocols. Furthermore, the garments are also better looking from an aesthetic point of view and the choice of accompanying colour/s can help to separate and define departments or crews for easier team management and identification on-site or on a factory floor.

At the Bidvest Laundry Group, we pride ourselves on excellent service delivery and affordable, flexible solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. For more information about our all-in-one, hi-vis workwear solution and the benefits it can offer your business, click the button below.