Bidvest Laundry Is Committed To Protecting The Environment

The world we find ourselves in requires us to be more conscious of our impact on the environment. At Bidvest Laundry, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by making responsible business choices. Since 2010 we have been adopting practices to reduce the use of energy in our day-to-day responsibilities, at the same time as reducing water usage.

We have adapted our laundry services equipment and our practices to ensure that we abide by environmental mandates that are now thankfully being enforced by our government.

Solar Energy

Using solar energy, we have been able to reduce our electricity usage by significant amounts. We still rely on electrical energy, but the use of solar power has allowed us to reduce our consumption, while also reducing the costs invoiced to our customers. We have installed solar panels that are monitored by computer to ensure they are operating effectively. This allows us to take full advantage of over 2,500 hours of sunlight that South Africa is blessed with every year.

Water Recycling

We’ve fitted our commercial washing machines with a second drain valve, which has a highly beneficial impact on the use of water. The design of the valve is the perfect mechanism that recycles the water after its initial use into a third valve to use again before being discarded. This use of recycled water reduces our consumption without affecting the end product.

Technological Adjustments

Making use of state of the art equipment allows us to ensure that we only use what we need with every wash. If a washer isn’t full, the calibrations will determine how much detergent to use for that volume of washing, as well as the amount of water. The running time of the washer is also adjusted to ensure that we only use the exact amount of energy required to complete the minimal load of washing.

Reduce Costs

One of the most beneficial biproducts of reducing our carbon footprint and practicing environmental friendly business is that we can reduce our laundry service costs. This in turn has a positive impact for our clients, who are the reason for everything we do.

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